Business Management and Marketing Services

Elise Holdings provides business management and marketing services along with consulting services in business management and marketing.

Business Management

Focusing on start-ups and businesses forecasted to have high profit and high growth potential. Elise Holdings is currently managing businesses in a wide range of industries including marketing, food and beverage, and transportation, with a particular focus given to helping other companies and business with their marketing efforts.

Internet Marketing

Elise Holdings aims to help companies and business increase their revenue and customer base by providing our marketing expertise particularly in the area of online or Internet marketing. Go to our website dedicated to Elise Internet Marketing to find out how you can take advantage of our knowledge and experience in increasing revenues and profit for your business through the Internet.

Consulting Services

In addition to managing our businesses and brand, Elise Holdings also provide consulting services to help companies and businesses in the areas of business management and marketing.

Investment Management

Elise Holdings is also an investment holding & venture capital company, with the goal to provide start-ups with the financial backing in order to achieve short-term and long-term success as well as to provide great financial returns to shareholders.